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Simply go to our [checkout page](https://brilliantio.net/membership) and enroll in our 7-day trial for just $1.

When you sign up for a membership, you will receive an email entitled 'Activate Your Brilliantio Membership'. Follow the instructions in that email to activate and access your membership. If you d…

Brilliantio was founded by documentary film director and writer Paul Jenkins.

Brilliantio is a publisher and membership that helps people enhance their skills in writing, filmmaking, and presentation/narration.

When you join Brilliantio membership, you will be emailed an invitation to join our [Peerboard forum](https://brilliantio.net/peerboard)

[Log in](https://brilliantio.net/member-login) to our membership platform (the link is also at the bottom of our homepage), then navigate to the 'Brilliantio Member Enrollment & Program/Course Catalo…

Visit the group and apply to join: [Brilliantio's Facebook Group](https://www.facebook.com/groups/Brilliantio/)